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Dr. Parth Bhingarde & Dr. Durga Bhingarde

Dr. Parth & Dr. Durga


One of the finest dental clinics in the region. Impla-Dent multispecialtydental clinic offers a host of advanced specialized & hygienic dental services. Our primary aim is to deliver state of art dental care to the patients, where the need for such standardized clinics is actually felt.

Our goal is to provide a world classexperience to our patients, a place where beauty, comfort, knowledge and personalized attention is combined to create a totally memorable and rejuvenating experience.

Medical science today is a constantly changing field with evolution of technology and innovation in material science. Our mission is to constantly update our clinic for benefit of our patients.

Our Team

At Impla-dent our mission is to provide on outstanding & unconditional continuum of quality care for the patient. We offer each patient a simple but profound promise that you will be supported every step of the way. We serve the needs of our patient in a practical and sensitive way, recognize their concern, convey an understanding of procedures and outcomes, using best practice in a safe & caring environment , whilst at the same time delivering personalized attention &respect for their privacy.